About Us

The Big Cheese – Kerry Ferguson

Kerry is passionate about the tourism industry, and promoting Wales as a destination. Her mantra is: if you don’t try, you’ll never know, but if you give it a go you might be surprised by what you can achieve! This zeal is something that she brings not only to the marketing of the properties on her portfolio, but also to attracting guests to those properties and to Wales generally.

Kerry’s background is in Environmental Science, but having spent 10 years in the hospitality industry she noticed that there were a large number of self-catering agencies that were operating in Wales and charging holiday accommodation owners incredibly high commission rates. Furthermore, they didn’t seem to be promoting Wales as a whole – something that is incredibly important, because the presentation of a united front as a destination is the key to winning business, as well as engaging with new visitors. From this, Discover Your Wales was born: a self-catering agency with significantly lower commission rates, with the main focus being about ensuring collaboration between accommodation, activities and attractions.

Kerry’s ambition is to provide a one-stop shop for visitors to Wales: destinations alongside attractions, accommodation alongside popular activities. Whilst it’s obviously important to promote the wide range of world-class accommodation that our country provides, it’s equally important to her that we work towards ensuring that Wales is securely placed on the destination map.

Kerry loves afternoon tea, and The Waterboys. She loves reading, and hates spinach.

The One Who's All About the Tech

Emlyn hails from Tremadog, in Gwynedd, and settled in Aberystwyth after completing his degree and MSc in Environmental Monitoring & Analysis. Emlyn's interests are in spatial technology, and applying web technologies for geographical analysis. He's also really into emergent technologies.

His real interest, however, is web development, and to that end he runs a successful web design company specialising in websites for small to medium-sized businesses in Wales.

He is also working on Thema, a Welsh language WordPress theme, which will be launched in 2017.

Emlyn is the web developer for Discover Your Wales, and the provider of cake. He co-parents a cat called Luna, who hates him.