We’re in the office, and we’ve had a brainwave. It’s probably because we’re still in the office, and the strongest thing we’ve had to drink is coffee. With summer firmly here we’re yearning for blue skies, long walks, fresh air and of course, beer gardens (that could just be us; your adventures are far more wholesome, we're sure!) So we wondered how to change this set of circumstances, and we decided that we would discover your Wales on a year of adventure.

Wales Online published in 2013 a guide to their top 10 most scenic beer gardens in Wales and we’re pleased to say, we’ve managed to get around a few of them (Llanthony Priory Hotel near Abergavenny, for example, and The Harbourmaster in Aberaeron) because we like to do our research here at Discover Your Wales, and we can say with a certainty that these venues are absolutely delightful when you’re nursing a drink as the sun goes down. That's part of what makes our Wales. But what makes yours?

Discover Your Wales

Some of the team here at #DYW are from North Wales whilst I myself am from the Gwent Valleys, and we certainly think there are a few more beer gardens that could be added to the list. I’m sure that you know a few in which you’d like to spend a long summer’s evening. So our brainwave was this. We’ve decided we’re going to get in the #DYW wagon and check some of these venues out for ourselves. We’ll probably start with the list and broaden our perimeters to take into account our own choices and yours too. In fact, if you contact us via our Facebook page and recommend your nearest beer garden, we might even come and visit you and buy you a drink! So let us know what your suggestions are. We’re really looking forward to meeting you, and discovering some of the parts of our country that make Wales yours.