Dryslwyn Castle is roughly 5 miles from Llandeilo and sits on a rocky outcrop overlooking amazing valleys from all sides. It's quite imposing, and when you make the climb up, you'll be wow-ed by views from every angle, especially if the weather is sunny as it was when we visited!

The first record of Dryslwyn Castle is in 1246, although there is evidence from a recent excavation that the castle must have been in existance prior to this. The castle is built similar to many other Welsh castles of the era, and most especially similar to Dinefwr Castle, suggesting the same Prince owned and developed both. The buildings in the castle include the round keep, a gateway entrance, large hall, some wooden buildings to the east and some other small structures - possibly a kitchen, prison or rooms. In the mid 13th century there appears to have been an extention and some improvements to the castle.

The castle was decommissioned in the early 15th century, probably in an effort to stop it being used as a stronghold, given its defensive position. Much of the metal work and stone was looted, although you can still enjoy plenty of the remains today.

A CADW site, Dryslwyn Castle enjoys free admission, and although located on top of the outcrop, the walk is short, lasting roughly 10 minutes from the car park to the top. There are steps, so it's not accessible to all.

Admission: Free