So this year one of the DYW team somewhat selfishly went off and had a baby. On the down side, we missed her. On the upside, she provides the team with insight into child-friendly locations and accommodations around Wales. Some things are obvious, of course. Are there high chairs? Will seagulls peck your child’s face whilst eating an ice cream? But “is the owner going to glare at you when your baby-led weaning ends up on the floor?” is an acute feeling only a parent with a shouty toddler can appreciate.

So, with this in mind, our new Mum and her perfect first-born (PFB for short) headed to Ultracomida for tapas. Here’s her take on the experience. 

A jewel in the crown

Ultracomida is a jewel in the culinary crown of Aberystwyth. A deli and restaurant serving artisan food and drink, it’s a stone’s throw away from the seafront. Pre-baby, this was the place we’d go to for intimate tapas dinners and long seafront walks. The place we’d go to when we had a cheese craving. And it was the one place we could guarantee would be excellent.

We walked into the place on a quiet Sunday morning. PFB was nestled in her funky travel system. We were venturing forth into the world after a week of hibernation post-birth. This was to be the baby’s first dining experience, and my first as a mother. The deli itself was a treasure house of meats and cheeses. Bright yellows and ruby reds. Jars of forest-green olives and dusted almond cakes. Obviously the baby was oblivious to these delights. We pushed on regardless, daunted a little by the cosiness of the restaurant and our suddenly enormous pram.

Cosiness that accommodates

We needn’t have worried. The large round tables accommodate eight to ten people with ease and encourage conversation with your fellow diners. We hid the pram in a close-by corner and took a seat, demolishing the complimentary olives and bread alongside beautifully green oil and tart balsamic vinegar. Next up was the Merluza con lentejas and ensaladilla rusa. We had a red wine each. Throwing caution to the wind, a gorgeous beer went down as quickly as the food shortly afterwards. Hey, I’d just had a baby. I deserved a beer.

Excellent service

The bit that really elevated this experience for me was the staff. They’re usually excellent and just attentive enough. As we were just finishing up, the owner Shumana Palit stopped to talk to us. She cooed over the baby and made us feel hugely welcome. As a new Mum, I was feeling really nervous about being in the world with a baby. Experiences like this, which would’ve been no-brainers when I was child-free, seemed off the table. But Shumana was delightful and made me feel like I could be a parent and still enjoy things like this. A small gesture on her part, but one which meant an enormous amount to me.

And she knocked the price of our beers of the bill, which was an absolute result.

Ultracomida is on Pier Street in Aberystwyth.