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At Discover Your Wales, we’re passionate about creating an immersive and interactive experience for our visitors. We’re currently building an interactive map that allows travellers to easily explore the rich offerings of Wales, including activities, attractions, breathtaking scenery, and more. We understand that every business has existing costs, so we’ve priced our advertising options to be affordable and accessible for all.

Here’s what we offer for advertising on our platform:

‘Our Blog’ Page Story: Capture the attention of our audience by writing a captivating story about your activity or attraction to be featured on our Our Blog page. This not only directs more people to your website but also helps promote your business to a wider audience. Secure your spot for just £10 per year.

Social Media and Blog Exposure: We understand the power of social media and blogging in reaching a larger audience. When relevant, we’ll mention your activity and/or attraction on our social media channels and blogs, providing additional exposure and visibility for your business.

We’re dedicated to helping you promote your business and drive more visitors your way. Join us in showcasing the best of Wales to a passionate and engaged audience.

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